Malaysia: Traditional clothes

Happy weekends peeps! Its the first October day!

Gosh! There was tonnes of wedding invitation in the previous month.. I guess its the peak of wedding season in Malaysia. Most of the time the ladies will wear the traditional Malay clothes while attending the weddings.

full length nautilus


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Morning style in Kuala Lumpur

back desigual.jpg

Hello peeps! Hope everyone is feeling splendid! as do i…..

This dress was love at first sight! i really like it as it has intricacy design and pattern and a bit of girlie side when you twirl it. For the first time i wanted to try wearing a dress with a sneaker. Why? well because i had to walk a lot and wanted to have comfy shoes. This picture was taken after the movies about 2am? lol the road was empty so why not take a snapshot =)

Dress: Desigual


Wake up quite early to have our breakfast at KLCC (the tallest twin tower in the world). So why not have a little fun by jumping around while nobody is looking.

Dress: Wallis

Leggings: Zara

double shades.jpg

Best lighting ever is the sunlight!

Double black shades with my love ones and the craziest and funny brother

Her shades: Moschino

His shades: Guess

What do you do when no one is looking?

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