Cameron Highland Resort-Pahang

Happy weekends ya’ll!

Have i mention that i love history and antique buildings? you know like colonial style…. This is what Cameron Highland Resort offers!

As i walk in the hotel… i literally fall in love with their architecture. It feels like i was in another era.

myris pose.jpg

myris shoe.jpg

Dress: Maryline

Bag: Dior

Accessories: Pandora

Keychain: bedazzled_official

Shoes: Chanel

cameron resort lounge.jpg
The view was breathtaking

high tea-myris.jpg

I am glad for my first try of high tea is at Cameron Highland Resort. Everything was perfectly delicious. The selections of tea is from Cameronian gold blend, mango, lemon with mandarin, passion fruit, earl grey with tangerine, vanilla and bukit cheeding no.53.

cameron resort porch.jpg
extraordinary place
cameron view copy.jpg
green peace

One that visit Malaysia needs to visit Cameron highland

Cameron Highland Resort

Would you wanna visit this resort and try the magnificent tea?

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Have a great weekends ahead lovelies



Dior mi amor

Hello lovelies,

How are you? Its the weekends! I’m sure your doing fine…. I love weekends…. as it is the only time i can pamper myself with all the beauty regime by Dior.

essence D.jpg

Check…. check… check it out the new toner or should i call it essence? by Dior. The white bottle is call ‘Dior Snow Lotion White Reveal’. This is what i usually use. Recently they launch a new lotion which call essence.

Confusing right? They keep on changing names…. for your information lotion,toner and essence are all the same meaning. You just need to remember it is the number two step in using skincare, right after cleanser, got it?

On the left is the new ‘Dior Snow Essence of Light’. Somehow i am more comfortable with the older version toner? but hey maybe I’m too comfortable with the previous toner.

Here is the difference:

Dior Snow Essence of Light

  • You have to use more of it as it dry up fast
  • The effect of moisturising your skin is better
  • Packaging is nicer

Dior Snow Lotion White Reveal

  • The amount you put on the cotton wool  is lesser compare with ‘Dior Snow Essence of Light’.
  • It is more of a water base, the cotton wool will still be wet after you spread it on your skin
  • Some how you feel it spread evenly…..maybe because it is more watery

pink dior.jpg

Pink love by Dior

The miniature perfume by Miss Dior is adorable. Look at those packaging with gold ribbon… its just irresistible.

dior lips.jpg

What is beauty regime? Basically things that you need to take care of your skin. That…. is also including your lips where people often forget….

Introducing Lip maximiser or i call it as spreading nutrients to your lips hehe… On top of it apply lip glow which is the creamy texture. It makes your lip glow and much more hydrated.

The primer by Dior

  • ‘Dior Fix it’ in Apricot and number 200
  • Can be use for face,eyes and lips
  • To cover your dark spots
  • ‘Dior Fix it’ in blue and number 100
  • Can be use for face,eyes and lips
  • To brighten your skin

The texture is ver smooth and easy breezy to apply  =)

Thank you DIOR!

Which of the Dior product caught your eyes the most?

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Abundance of food in Asia

Hye! how are you lovelies? doing fine? I…. however is doing great!

Have you ever been to Malaysia or Singapore? For all….. of you… food lovers its heaven here! Come and join me…


Der Backmeister

A German bakery that is to die for…. Here I am trying their Bruschetta. The 1st time I am trying such a unique Bruschetta. The other food that I would like to recommend is the rendang burger. Sounds weird? never judge a book by its cover because its delicious.

Curious enough? well just check out the list if menu below on the link

Der Backmeister (menu)


Dae Na Moo

So far…. this is the best place i can get to eat ttbokki. Literally its not too spicy or sweet and the texture of it is perfect.To those who is crazy over ttbokki, you gotta try this place.

Nae Da Moo (Korean)


Living Room

Its new on the menu! Hooray…! Whats the name again? I have forgotten… well I do remember eating a creamy salmon, fresh mushrooms and mouth watering mash potatoes. The cute burgers is Living Room trademark. Their offer a great ambience just to chill and relax while drinking coffees. I almost forgot! They offer a wide….. selection of coffees. Be ready to pop out ur eyes!

Can you see those cute gold bamboo phone case? Be sure to check it out at Bedazzled_official

Living Room



Here we are at a beautiful view in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Though… I don’t feel too hungry, I just wanna munch something. A salmon… and chee…se bruschetta. So fresh and yummy…. Okay! Marina Bay Sands is huge…. I will share with you the link so you can get the exact location.

Barzin (MBS)

Home Cook

Its too pretty… i love home cook their the best….

Matchy matchy coaster with the table top… get it at Bedazzled_official

Best part? they ship it worldwide!

Beef Wellington

Argh…. I am drooling… I think I might go Marina Bay Sands soon.  Where is the restaurant? I’m not going to tell you that easily…. but I will give you a hint.. It is on the same floor as Berzin.

The food hunt is on!

Among all these food, which one you want to try it the most?

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Chinese New Year-Malaysia Style

Hola Mola! how r u? It was…. exciting to celebrate chinese new year in Kuala Lumpur. To be honest… it is my first time celebrating and learning their culture.

What is Chinese new year?

Basically it is a celebration for the Chinese….duhh…. There is a slight difference on how the Malaysian Chinese celebrate it.

Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of Chinese Lunar Calendar and each year is named after one of the 12 animals of Chinese zodiac. Interested to know what are those animals? It all begin wit the 12 animals competing in the race.

The story of the 12 animals


Eve of Chinese New Year 

All of the families member are gathered to have the greatest meal. It is important for all of them gather for this special day. Regardless how far they live from one another, it is compulsory for the childrens to go back to their hometown and visit their parents and siblings.

What do they do after dinner? they would play poker cards or mahjong.The best part of it…. the babies to single person (not married) will get a red envelope or angpau that  consist money, as a token of appreciation from their family member.


Mandarin Oranges are well known to be apart of Chinese New Year celebrations. It is a culture for the Malaysian Chinese invite relatives and friends from other races as well to their home. They  will offer food, desserts and plenty of oranges to the guest.


Welcome to the entrance of Thean Hou Temple 

Then Hou Temple History

Marvellous ceiling

circle ceiling.jpg

Huge Bell


Bright red lanterns
thean hou 2nd floor.jpg

unique thean hou.jpg

Did you know?

The second largest Chinese community overseas is from Malaysia. Most…. of the Chinese in Malaysia are From Min.(e.g. Hokkien) following by Yue (e.g. Cantonese) and lastly Hakka.

highest floor temple architecture.jpg
Look at the intricacy carvings
The phoenix is on fire


thean hou 3rd floor.jpg

Did u know Malaysia has many Chinese dialects? Such as Cantonese for Kuala Lumpur, Hokkien for Pulau Pinang and Johor for mandarin. Then again…. Mandarin is also a worldwide Chinese dialect.

roaster year.jpg

What animal is on the Chinese lunar calendar 2017? I think you know the answer….

wan u.jpg
One U shopping mall decorations

Loving all the wonderful colors?

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Where to search for desserts in JB

Johor Bahru which also known as JB is well know for their speciality in desserts and coffees! Are you excited?

caffe mocha

The first sip is the impression sip! lol caffe mocha is the best here in ‘living room’. The living room cafe provide a cool ambience too.

dark chocolate cake

Its really good as it is not too bitter.


I forgot what is it call maybe some kind of granola fruitty fruits things. Its refreshing!

Wanna see more photos of the place and food? yeah i forgot to mention they serve main course as well.

Check it out!

Living room (Setia Tropika)

caffe mocha

Spread the love and no more wars. Living Room has two branches and this caffe mocha is from Living Room in Taman Pelangi. As you can see the cup serving for the coffee is different from the other branch. Taman pelangi Living room was the 1st branch they open many years ago and still standing until now!

Living Room (Taman Pelangi)


My liberica coffee and dessert! The coffee is not bad but the waffle is great! You can choose the waffle with haagan dazs ice cream as many scoop you want =)

There is a few branches in Johor but i have only been to My Liberica at Taman Sutera

My liberica (Taman Sutera)


Oreo cheese, macadamia, chocolate, coffee and mix it all together equals to heaven. Obviously I’m a sweet tooth and just by explaining to you what i had it feels like i want to go straight to Coffee Bean! lol

This are some of my recommendation of cafes, if you ever drop my Johor Bahru. Do give it a try!

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Best way to remove make up

Hello ladies! how are you? what did you do during your weekends?

These are my top 4 pick for removing make up! What is a make up remover? it is the first step and the most important step in removing our make up. Make up remover is being use to remove all the thick make up on our face. Following a cleanser, it is the final step to clean and to get rid off the little balance of make up on our face.



This make up remover is an oil base and suitable for dry to sensitive skin. Think about it we have a dry skin and due to heavy make up sometimes we can feel the dryness and tingly feeling on our skin. Due to that we need a very good make up remover that gives moisture to our skin so…by using a liquid make up remover it allows you to feel fresh and moisture.


Bobbie Brown eye make up remover

If you are looking for non water proof eye make up remover then this is it! it is more of a watery eye remover base. Eyes are sensitive area, So while you wipe it on your eyes make sure not to press it too hard. Another tips is instead of removing eye make up from inside out try to do from out to inside. If you notice your eye lines is from inside out and every time and every day you kept doing the same thing which is pulling your skin. It tend to deepen your eye lines… then do opposite!


Chanel Lait confort 

This Chanel lait confort is for normal to combination skin. Its creamy in white like a lotion. The best part is it can be as an eye remover and face remover. How awesome is that?


If you have any doubts or need to ask more? drop a comment and i will be glad to reply

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Traditional Clothes Malaysia

Hola! How was your weekends?

Few days ago i was sharing about Malaysia cultural food and today i will be sharing about Malay cultural clothes which is also represent the traditional clothes in Malaysia.

front top.jpg

Malaysia consists a variety of races such as Malay,Chinese,Indian and others. This particular clothes is a part of a Malay race traditional clothes. The top is call ‘kebaya’ and the bottom is call sarong or kain batik.


As you can see from behind the kain batik has different patterns. This is common as it is a part of the design. I love kain batik because each of it has a uniquely different design. The people who made this use their creative imagination to design it. It is like telling a story by painting it with their hands.


I bought the top and bottom separately. You can add a lining for the top but for me i just prefer to wear with a spaghetti strap underneath it. The bottom can be custom made whether you want with a split or not. In the end its up to you…

baju melayu.jpg

For the boys is all covered up in long sleeves and pants. It is call Baju Melayu and  for this little one he has an embroidery design on his top. Others can be plain or full on embroidery. There is a plenty of design for boys too.

What is your traditional clothes?

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