Malaysia: Traditional clothes

Happy weekends peeps! Its the first October day!

Gosh! There was tonnes of wedding invitation in the previous month.. I guess its the peak of wedding season in Malaysia. Most of the time the ladies will wear the traditional Malay clothes while attending the weddings.

full length nautilus


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Eid Mubarak-Malaysia

Hello how are you? Happy Eid Mubarak!

I’m a bit late of writing this blog but better late than never! Eid Mubarak is a Muslim celebration just like Christians celebrate Christmas, Hindus celebrate Deepavali and others. The meaning of the word Eid is to celebrate. On the other hand mubarak means blessed. On the first day of eid, all of the muslim will go to the masjid and pray. This is related to the word of Eid Mubarak which means a bless celebration.



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Pecatu -The Rich Prada Bali

Hello lovelies how are you?

What is The Rich Prada? well… its a name of a hotel in Pecatu,Bali. Every single time… before i fly to Bali, its an addicting habit to survey all the hotels in Bali and there you go i found The Rich Prada Hotel

The hotel is located like…. at the end of the world and when we arrive…. it was really quiet….. Do you know that kind of feeling where when you  book the hotel its all seem perfect and nice?

Well… for this hotel its almost perfect?

Tumi luggage love.jpg

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Traditional Clothes Malaysia

Hola! How was your weekends?

Few days ago i was sharing about Malaysia cultural food and today i will be sharing about Malay cultural clothes which is also represent the traditional clothes in Malaysia.

front top.jpg

Malaysia consists a variety of races such as Malay,Chinese,Indian and others. This particular clothes is a part of a Malay race traditional clothes. The top is call ‘kebaya’ and the bottom is call sarong or kain batik.


As you can see from behind the kain batik has different patterns. This is common as it is a part of the design. I love kain batik because each of it has a uniquely different design. The people who made this use their creative imagination to design it. It is like telling a story by painting it with their hands.


I bought the top and bottom separately. You can add a lining for the top but for me i just prefer to wear with a spaghetti strap underneath it. The bottom can be custom made whether you want with a split or not. In the end its up to you…

baju melayu.jpg

For the boys is all covered up in long sleeves and pants. It is call Baju Melayu and  for this little one he has an embroidery design on his top. Others can be plain or full on embroidery. There is a plenty of design for boys too.

What is your traditional clothes?

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