Ramada Hotel-Bali

Hello how are you?

Hotel hopping! What makes it interesting until I have to write about it? Maybe its the name Ramada hotel. Maybe its the comfy bed that is so comfortable makes me not want to leave the bed? Maybe its the the two pools. Well whatever it is… Lets explore it together.

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Pecatu -The Rich Prada Bali

Hello lovelies how are you?

What is The Rich Prada? well… its a name of a hotel in Pecatu,Bali. Every single time… before i fly to Bali, its an addicting habit to survey all the hotels in Bali and there you go i found The Rich Prada Hotel

The hotel is located like…. at the end of the world and when we arrive…. it was really quiet….. Do you know that kind of feeling where when you  book the hotel its all seem perfect and nice?

Well… for this hotel its almost perfect?

Tumi luggage love.jpg

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Best Spa with a reasonable price-Bali

Hello how are you? just as i promise wanna share with you the most affordable place to go to spa in Bali. You won’t believe your eyes when u see this place, it looks luxurious!

side entrace bodywork

Body work spa located just at the side of the road, literally the entrance is at the side. When i first arrive at the place i assume it was a villa as it has a small entrance. When i walk in…. there were full of staff in turquoise kebaya everywhere…. so i thought to myself i am at the right place.

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11 Days On Bali Island-part 1

Hello peeps how are you doing? Why 11 days in Bali?

Its a special day and month for me as me and my friend has been planning this trip for a few months…… to celebrate my birthday which falls on November and what a coincidence for 11 days! get it?

Lets start off with the 1st day

Well we reached quite late so we didn’t able to take much photos.

neo room.jpg
Hotel Neo+Kuta Legian

This is my second time staying here as the price is reasonable. In addition they offer spa and menicure pedicure services. It is really convenient for us….. so we don’t need to walk and search for others plus it save us a lot of time.

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The stay at Rimba Hotel Bali

Why i stayed at RIMBA hotel Bali?

It all started 15 years ago, my parents had bring me to this gorgeous hotel. It was beautiful,fresh and the layout was in white. My favourite colour! Plus with a wood combination that delivers a warm ambience.

Not until recently i found out that the hotel name was Ayana resort and spa Ayana link

I have been dreaming of staying this hotel and one fine day I choose Rimba hotel which is next to Ayana hotel as they are in the same compound!. How fantastic is that? Can you imagine how humongous compound is? Its 90 hectare!

Drum rolls please… RIMBA hotel has 4 pools and Ayana hotel has 4 pools too! These hotel offer shuttle bus for their guests to go about RIMBA hotel and AYANA hotel.


Cool sitting area for a lobby right?

zoom out pool.jpg

There is a total of four pools at RIMBA hotel.



bath tub.jpg

Really cute bath tub


YES! Pool access straight from the room. Oh my another pool? have you lost count how many pool there is in RIMBA hotel? I have a weakness for a room that have direct access to the pool


I took a shuttle bus to AYANA hotel. I was mesmerise by the beach view. This photo was taken from the top of the hill. Oh boy… I wasn’t ready to go all the way down to the beach. There is a stairs just below my camera but i wasn’t up for it that day.


I just hang out at the tree house cafe. The food was to die for it is really yummy. The ‘satay’ is the best i have ever tried in my life. The ‘nasi campur’ a mixture of rice and variety of gravy is delicious too! Before you go down to the beach you might wanna have a meal first up here. In addition to that the staff was really friendly and warm.


I do not want to go back because i have not use both of the hotel facilities! lol

Best red snapper i have ever tried. You know why? i do not like orange flavour mix with food but this… ka…ba..boom!


If you have been reading my previous blogs, you would have notice that i am addicted to coffee! Surprisingly those cookies you see was delicious it just melted in my mouth. Not to hard and not to soft.

I highly recommend this place although it is pricey but you get to use both of the hotels facilities! On top of that you will be getting tasty food, your very own private beach and complete facilities. Its perfect….

Would you want to stay this hotel if you are in Bali?

Come and see more pictures at myrissz



Style it with Batik


What is kebaya? It is a tradition outfit where girls wear it for celebrating Eid Mubarak or Hari Raya. This type of outfit are usually worn by girls from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


Now lets zoom in….. I love the intricacy of the embroidery. Don’t you think its magnificent? The material is see through so i had to wear a black spaghetti strap.


After few days of Eid mubarak or Hari Raya we will go visiting to relatives houses. The elderly will give money in an envelope to the kids or to the children who are still studying. Sadly i don’t get anymore because i have started working. After a long day of visiting time for me to go for coffee!

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