Cameron Highland Resort-Pahang

Happy weekends ya’ll!

Have i mention that i love history and antique buildings? you know like colonial style…. This is what Cameron Highland Resort offers!

As i walk in the hotel… i literally fall in love with their architecture. It feels like i was in another era.

myris pose.jpg

myris shoe.jpg

Dress: Maryline

Bag: Dior

Accessories: Pandora

Keychain: bedazzled_official

Shoes: Chanel

cameron resort lounge.jpg
The view was breathtaking

high tea-myris.jpg

This is the first time i am having high tea and i am glad it is at Cameron Highland Resort. Everything was perfectly delicious. The selections of tea is from Cameronian gold blend, mango, lemon with mandarin, passion fruit, earl grey with tangerine, vanilla and bukit cheeding no.53.

cameron resort porch.jpg
extraordinary place
cameron view copy.jpg
green peace

One of the place for a tourist to visit is Cameron highland

Cameron Highland Resort

Would you wanna visit this resort and try the magnificent tea?

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Exploring Guangzhou:part 2

Hey you all… how u doing? Just as i promise to share more stories with you regarding Guangzhou! =)

beijing street.jpg
Beijing street

I love…. history! Learning some historical part on Beijing road, makes me excited! This Beijing Road is one of the oldest road in Guangzhou! How awesome is that? Not to worry you can enjoy the fresh breeze as its a car free zone…. Make sure to put on your sneakers though. There is tones of things you can survey, a bookstore for the bookworms. Jewellery? food?drinks? You name it….

As you walk down the roads…. you will definitely pass by a panels of see through glasses. What are those? It is the remnants that dated back to Song Dynasty (960-279), Talking about history right?

Beijing street-mango.jpg
mango drink

Surprisingly this drink is from Thailand! Ingredients:

  1. Mango ice
  2. Whipped cream
  3. Mango cubes
chicken fiesta

This cafe restaurant offers endless of chickens, my favourite? Is their spicy crispy chicken…. It is to die for!  Even better? it very close to our hotel, like 10 seconds walk?

South and North International Apartment Guangzhou

mini duplex

pengman bed.jpg

I read a few reviews regarding this hotel and stating it is not good, the lift is too slow etc Then again…. hey you! yea you who gave bad reviews! You are full of crap because it is not true!

South and North hotel details

Taikoo Hui Mall

Taikou Hui Mall

All the luxury items are all under one roof.

cool architecture
bright lighting
outside mall.jpg
colourful building
Sultan Turkish Restaurant

Look at this humongous three level building of a restaurant.

The best Turkish restaurant
Even the western food is good

Just as i ordered the food, my eyes can’t stop observing all of the hardworking waiter and waitress in the restaurant. I guess i was too amaze by how fast like literally super fast in doing their job. Hands down on the food! It was that good…..

Sultan Turkish Restaurant

river view
Time to relax and enjoy the view
home deliver.jpg
Food delivery was good!

What did i do in Guangzhou?

  1. Explore the city
  2. Eat their local food and western food
  3. Try the taste of local desserts
  4. Sight seeing and learn a bit of their history
  5. Inspired by the local people characters which are hardworking, humble and humour

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On Bali island part-2

Helo lovelies! how was your weekends?

I do apologize for the late post of part-2 on Bali island as its been a hectic month for me….I’m going to do a little twist from the part-1 on Bali island which is only until day 5. I should be continuing on day 6 but those 3 days i was on Gili island and there is too many photos to be uploaded and share on just one blog….. I have decided to split them up.

Here we go!

Day 8

rooftop arch.jpg

Look at those ceiling, their architecture of woods crafting and the lights is magnificent. Here we are at Padma Resort Ubud. This hotel is located quite further up in Ubud. Even the temperature is slight colder than usual.


This little ones keeps on following me wherever i go…. like i’m their mama chick but i think they were hungry as i kept snapping my fingers near them, they innocently open their mouth in an adorable way….


I was ecstatic about this hotel! The first thing i did was taking  some cool photos of the bathrooms!




My friend hinted at the receptionist that it was my birthday, to think that they will surprise me with a birthday cake but instead they gave us this room with a garden view which is very limited.

garden view.jpg

The view was breathtaking with all the green peace

night pool bar.jpg
pool bar

By the time we reach the hotel it was in the evening, so we had a quick swim at night. It was my first time swimming in the pool where the temperature is warm…..and cozy. During the night you literally can see the pool looks like a sauna with the breeze but of course not hot temperature, just a slight warm. It was really good.

night pool.jpg
infinity pool


Getting ready for dinner


The Puhu Restaurant& Lounge


Day 7

traditional music.jpg

As we were walking to the breakfast Lounge Puhu Restaurant, they greeted us with a balinese traditional music. Those instruments is call ‘Gamelan’.



hallway view.jpg


The breakfast were super delicious

pool view bfast.jpg

This breakfast lounge is killing it with dope view!


The path to the pool….


Breathtaking view from the pool itself

secret pool.jpg

I found a secret pool and a mini mountain


Its time to say goodbye to this extraordinary hotel.

Overall it is the best hotel i have stayed as the staff is really humble and keep smiling  with everyone its like their themselves are having holidays. The food was great, the best pool as it is well known for their infinity pool and it is rated top 3 best pools in Bali. So all of you lovelies reader should visit this Padma Resort Ubud.

Sadly we had a short stay so we could not do the outdoor activities that they provided such as jogging in the jungle and at the end of the path they offered a beautiful view of paddy fields. The best part it is within the hotel compound. You can imagine exactly how big is their land. Suitable for families, couples and friends who just want to get away from everything. In conclusion its like your small mini bali without the beach.

Wanna know more about Padma Ubud Resort?

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11 Days On Bali Island-part 1

Hello peeps how are you doing? Why 11 days in Bali?

Its a special day and month for me as me and my friend has been planning this trip for a few months…… to celebrate my birthday which falls on November and what a coincidence for 11 days! get it?

Lets start off with the 1st day

Well we reached quite late so we didn’t able to take much photos.

neo room.jpg
Hotel Neo+Kuta Legian

This is my second time staying here as the price is reasonable. In addition they offer spa and menicure pedicure services. It is really convenient for us….. so that we don’t need to walk and search for others plus it save us a lot of time.

2nd day



Sweet view ain’t it? If you are interested to know more about this hotel please click the link below:

Hotel Neo+Kuta Legian

There is a few Hotel Neo in Bali so be sure to click on this one! because its the best.


We head out about an hour drive to Ubud. Once we step out the car…… there was 2 ladies approaching us selling some sarong or a long cloth to cover our legs before stepping in the temple. The initial price they offer were expensive! luckily with some basic knowledge of Indonesian language…. we get about 60-70% off? Be sure to bargain with them. If you can’t bargain that much just bargain a little.

mini fountain.jpg
mini fountain

While walking down to this area….. there will be a few tour guides offering their services to tell the history of this place. Unfortunately we didn’t need their services because the place was not that big. We took a shortcut! Just eavesdrop others tour guides….. Basically…. inside the cave is just a small temple for prayers.

Elephant Cave


Caught this women just in time for her prayers. This is the  Balinese women attire when comes to praying.

Beautiful Goldie mini temple

mini lake.jpg

On the way down there is small lake

bodhi .jpg
Bodhi tree

This tree has been around for thousands of years. Each body tree has a seed inside it. The seed represents the heart of the tree. It is being used to create medicine.


After a long walk at the Elephant cave, its time to head out for lunch

lunch at spoon.jpg

  • Smoked Salmon with Egg Toast
  • Avocado with Egg Toast

spoon cahsier.jpg

I was intrigue with the interior decoration so let me share with you some

outdoor spoon.jpg

Outdoor seating area

spoon dessert.jpg

Entrance of the desserts, well it doesn’t look appealing but the desserts were superb.


  • Chocolate tart
  • Caramel tart
  • Teddy Bear coffee

zoom hanging spoon.jpg

How adorable is that? hanging spoon?

A little heads up this restaurant  is call Monsieur Spoon’ and they have it a few in Bali so be sure to only visit in Ubud because it has the best interior decoration and their food is thumbs up!!!

Monsieur Spoon UBUD

Day 3

warung etnik.jpg
Warung Etnik

This restaurant is call ‘Warung Etnik’ 

I like the design of the restaurant because it reminds me of the village houses in Malaysia. Surprisingly the food is great.

Ikan Bakar/grilled fish with rice

The price i would say moderate around $5-$8 because the portion is a lot. This Warung Etnik is located at Kuta and really nearby Hotel Neo Kuta+Legian. Kuta is the main town area…

lunch 3rd day.jpg

We did visiting to Elephant Cave on our second day, due to that it used up a lot of our time. My oh my Ubud! there were a lot of shops to shop! So we head up back to Ubud, to my suprise Ubud has a lot to offer from shopping, sightseeing and great food.


While walking from shop to shop…. we got lost? oh well stumble upon this statute… why not?

3rd day view.jpg

On the way back to town, we were able to capture this view such a magnificent view.

Day 4

Acai berry bowl

The most memorable day! its on my birthday so we head out for lunch at sisterfield.


Chipotle chicken tacos

Hands down on their food!

We needed to digest our food as we were very full. We headed out to the opposite mall which is call ‘Seminyak Village’. Its only been a year since i long visit Bali and there is a new mall! The only mall that i have known in Seminyak is Seminyak square and now there is two malls, which are:

Seminyak Village

Seminyak Square

Sister fields Dirty Burger

Butterflies christmas tree. I will never get bored with Balinese art they are such creative and talented people. Do check out the link of ‘Seminyak Village‘ you will be surprise the variety of brands they offer.

butterflies christmas tree



Well hello chica 😉
All that browsing around on what to shop? We just got tired and head out to desserts. It is…. my birthday right? 🙂


Whats on my table?

  • Crepe with palm sugar and nutella and strawberry
  • Gelato ice cream
  • Coffee
  • Phone case by bedazzled_official


View of the street

This what they call ‘Oberoi Street’

Gelato Factory

Swiss Bell Hotel, Bali
Well its time to check in a new hotel…

Swiss Bell Hotel, Petitenget



Do you see our goodies?


Swisbell hotel Petitenget

Day 5

As were about to check out to the next hotel, let me show you some of ‘Swissbell hotel’ pictures.



loving the white seatings

Hotel hoping? Yea… Obviously we wanted to try out different hotels ;p

‘Barbocoa Restaurant’

This cool restaurant took us 30 seconds walk from the hotel….




i couldn’t resist


It caught my eyes to seat outside and surprisingly it wasn’t hot….


House Salad of Romaine & Spicy Chicken
Grilled coron with mayo

As you can see its a Spanish restaurant with a nice view and architecture. Food? need i say more?

the view.jpg
The view was breathtaking


Day 6

Last hotel before we head off to Gili Island


The bed is humongous! it was spacious enough for the two of us…. A reminder for parents who is bringing a long a kid? You guys can definitely fit on the bed….


The room is spa….cious and comes with a balcony. The toilet need a bit of fixing from the plumber as it got slight flooded. Other then that it is totally good. Your location is just smack in the middle of the mall,restaurants,bars,desserts cafe and etc. You name it you can literally walk around here and there  Every….thing is convenient.

Seminyak Square Hotel

Wait up there is more! be sure to read on my part 2 Bali trip soon!

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Loving the phone cases? this is where i got it


I hope i was able to give you guys a glimpse about Bali. If you have any questions regarding on other places to recommend or which hotels to stay or even anything. Please don’t be shy to drop by an email  or you can just DM me straight on my instagram.



Hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur

Its been far too long living in Malaysia and never had a chance to search hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur? Here i am going to share with you because i finally found it!

Central market

I am sharing this on behalf of all Malaysian out there who has been busy working and just treat their days as an ordinary days living in Malaysia. Well wake up! I finally did as i had my short trip to Kuala Lumpur i just wanted to explore what is in Kuala Lumpur? other than the hustle bustle.

It was also a coincidence as my friend brings me here as she had to settle some stuff. To my surprise i did not know Central Market has change so much. I even can’t remember when were the last time i was there. It was full of multi cultural things. The flooring? OMG its like a Moroccon style isn’t it? The lightings, the shops and all of it…. give me the warm feeling and full of heritage? if you know what i mean.


The carpet was amazing, full of colours and the intricacy of sewing is marvellous.

wayang kulit.jpg
Wayang Kulit

I felt like i was a tourist and starting to appreciate more about my culture. This particular thing is called ‘Wayang Kulit’. Back in the old days when television were not invented yet, the locals will watch this as an entertainment. Basically there will be two person holding two of this stick and start to act or impersonate the stick character.

For more information about wayang kulit please check this link :



Each mask represent different characteristics of a person, even from the slightest choosing from colours,shape of the eyes, face shape and etc. Don’t you think even without wearing this mask a normal individual of people has worn many mask? Can you think of a friend who does not wear a mask? Just a thought….


Namoo Koreaan Dessert Cafe n Bistro

This is one of my favourite Korean restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Their tteokbokki are never disappointing and their coffee is amazing. But i have to warn you their sweet dessert is not  that good.

zoom tbboki.jpg
Dolsot bibimbap

Dolsot Bibimbap is a hotpot with a mixture of rice. A very healthy food. Wanna know more about Namoo?

Namoo Korean Restaurant

Sunway Putra Mall food court
Old skool layout
Cool Lightings architecture

Sunway Putra Mall

My oh my it was my first visit to Sunway Putra Mall. I fell in love with the food court interior design it brings me back to the old days restaurants in a small shop lot. There is a variety of restaurants here from local delights to western and to the whole asian delights.


In the end i just had to try this Japanese restaurant which is located one floor below the food court area.

Marugame Udon & Tempura

What we eat?

  • Kitsune
  • Kake
  • Beef Udon
  • Fried veggie tempura

zoom udon.jpg

Sunway Putra Mall is located in the heart of the city. When your in town be sure to visit this mall as it offers a variety of food with a reasonable price. You won’t regret it!

For more info:

Sunway Putra Mall


Dinner time at Sri Nirwana

The most famous banana leaf food for locals and tourist. Why banana leaf? Well instead of putting the food on a plate, they just use a banana leaf. A must must try and i will give you some tips on what to order.

  • Banana leaf with white rice and fried chicken
  • Banana leaf with white rice and chicken masala
  • Fired squid
  • Definitely ask for extra fried veggie

Sri Nirwana


Black Horse Cheras

Yes coincidently my top matches with the desserts in monochrome style! lol


The dessert are:

  • White pearl choc pop
  • Flower choc pop
  • Monochrome choc pop
  • Chocolate truffle

A cool hip place to chill

Black Horse

mamak top.jpg

Do i need to explain more? When you see this type of dishes obviously it is at ‘mamak’. Why the name is ‘mamak’? Honestly i have no idea. This restaurant are famous for their local food such as:

  • Roti perata
  • Fried mee or Fried mee hoon
  • Fried rice
  • Chicken tandoori

The list goes on and on. Basically most of the food comes from India but with a twist of a Malaysian flavouring. Price? totally affordable.


Whats that?

  • Fried maggie
  • Tom yam mee hoon
  • Prada roll with sausage


I am truly grateful to be a Malaysian because there is tonnes of food to eat and we are rich with multi racial which also means there is a lot of cultural aspect in just one country. Malaysia truly Asia. 

I hope you enjoy reading as much as i am sharing and i do hope you try all of this places because i know you won’t regret it. =)

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