Pecatu -The Rich Prada Bali

Hello lovelies how are you?

What is The Rich Prada? well… its a name of a hotel in Pecatu,Bali. Every single time… before i fly to Bali, its an addicting habit to survey all the hotels in Bali and there you go i found The Rich Prada Hotel

The hotel is located like…. at the end of the world and when we arrive…. it was really quiet….. Do you know that kind of feeling where when you  book the hotel its all seem perfect and nice?

Well… for this hotel its almost perfect?

Tumi luggage love.jpg

see through toilet.jpg

This is what i mean… its not a new hotel and should i give a 5 star rating? where else in agoda they did gave a 5 star rating.

morning view-uluwatu

Good news! The morning view was breathtaking

full calico peach.jpg

Introducing Calico Peach Kebaya

Location: Hidden Gem in the hotel

peach calico.jpg

What a good news…. after breakfast i kind a stumble upon this huge…. hall. I love the  design of the door. To make it even better? The crafting of the door is similar to my pareo design!

side peach calico

My favourite? is the earrings! I just love the sweet flower covering almost all of my ear.

pose by the bell.jpg

After walking through the beautiful door, keep on walking…. until the end… you will find this place.

big flower hall

Humongous flowers chandelier! if you want to find this place i suggest you ask the hotel staff as i stumble upon it. I would never thought this hall existed in this hugeeeee hotel.

Overall the hotel architecture and view is tremendous. The downside is the staff was not friendly at all and for a big hotel they need to hire more staff as its quite dusty.

Prada Rich Hotel

Which one is your favourite outfit and background?









Cameron Highland Resort-Pahang

Happy weekends ya’ll!

Have i mention that i love history and antique buildings? you know like colonial style…. This is what Cameron Highland Resort offers!

As i walk in the hotel… i literally fall in love with their architecture. It feels like i was in another era.

myris pose.jpg

myris shoe.jpg

Dress: Maryline

Bag: Dior

Accessories: Pandora

Keychain: bedazzled_official

Shoes: Chanel

cameron resort lounge.jpg
The view was breathtaking

high tea-myris.jpg

This is the first time i am having high tea and i am glad it is at Cameron Highland Resort. Everything was perfectly delicious. The selections of tea is from Cameronian gold blend, mango, lemon with mandarin, passion fruit, earl grey with tangerine, vanilla and bukit cheeding no.53.

cameron resort porch.jpg
extraordinary place
cameron view copy.jpg
green peace

One of the place for a tourist to visit is Cameron highland

Cameron Highland Resort

Would you wanna visit this resort and try the magnificent tea?

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Have a great weekends ahead lovelies



In trend 2017

Helo peeps how are you?

One of my new year resolution is…… keeping up with the current fashion trends. Here we go….!


What should i call this? a long dress? i guess i will go along with that name. I love the side split of this dress. Give a slight peek of sexiness.


Shoes-Chanel espadrilles


All black! who does not love it? I have a soft spot with lace materials and I add a little bit of pop with my red bag

Top- H & M

Skirt- Les Babies

Bag-Louis Vuitton

Shoes- Nine West

red bag.jpg

Oh well I am not a fan of orange colour but…. i will make an exception because i notice orange is the new in trend colours. As you can see its not a full orange dress…. =)


Bag-Louis Vuitton



Stripe! Stripe! my favourite print….. OMG…. Black and white? monochrome? my favourite ….. U can never go wrong with stripes and its been awhile this stripe is trending. I match it up with a black glitter slip on… Why not? =p

Bag-Chanel boy


Did you get any ideas how to mix match with your clothes?

Which one is your favourite outfit?


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White Blazer 2016

Are you a fan of white blazer? here i’m going to share with you my number one pick for 2016 white blazer.


I wanted to try a fierce post for a change. I think it suits my blazer look because it has that ruthenium  zip and kind a represents of a rugged look.

Blazer: Armani exchange


Zoom in to the details, as you can see the exterior zip i did not zip all the way up to show you there is another zip inside. If you are feeling cold you can zip up the exterior zip and it looks a bit plain but smart! Even the sleeves has zip! all zippy y’all.


Side view with a pocket zip.

What is your favourite blazer? mind sharing it with me?



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Traditional Clothes Malaysia

Hola! How was your weekends?

Few days ago i was sharing about Malaysia cultural food and today i will be sharing about Malay cultural clothes which is also represent the traditional clothes in Malaysia.

front top.jpg

Malaysia consists a variety of races such as Malay,Chinese,Indian and others. This particular clothes is a part of a Malay race traditional clothes. The top is call ‘kebaya’ and the bottom is call sarong or kain batik.


As you can see from behind the kain batik has different patterns. This is common as it is a part of the design. I love kain batik because each of it has a uniquely different design. The people who made this use their creative imagination to design it. It is like telling a story by painting it with their hands.


I bought the top and bottom separately. You can add a lining for the top but for me i just prefer to wear with a spaghetti strap underneath it. The bottom can be custom made whether you want with a split or not. In the end its up to you…

baju melayu.jpg

For the boys is all covered up in long sleeves and pants. It is call Baju Melayu and  for this little one he has an embroidery design on his top. Others can be plain or full on embroidery. There is a plenty of design for boys too.

What is your traditional clothes?

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Morning style in Kuala Lumpur

back desigual.jpg

Hello peeps! Hope everyone is feeling splendid! as do i…..

This dress was love at first sight! i really like it as it has intricacy design and pattern and a bit of girlie side when you twirl it. For the first time i wanted to try wearing a dress with a sneaker. Why? well because i had to walk a lot and wanted to have comfy shoes. This picture was taken after the movies about 2am? lol the road was empty so why not take a snapshot =)

Dress: Desigual


Wake up quite early to have our breakfast at KLCC (the tallest twin tower in the world). So why not have a little fun by jumping around while nobody is looking.

Dress: Wallis

Leggings: Zara

double shades.jpg

Best lighting ever is the sunlight!

Double black shades with my love ones and the craziest and funny brother

Her shades: Moschino

His shades: Guess

What do you do when no one is looking?

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Have you got your style?


Dear readers how have u been?

This is one of my favourite look. A cute pinafore with a snickers wedges add on with a pop of red colour on my lips.


pinafore: zara

White top: zara

Bag: Louis Vuitton


Come to think  about it if i did not wear any blazer it will look simple but can you see a huge difference? when i put on the blazer?

Rugged style

Black blazer: Divided

Top: Dorothy perkins

Bottom:  Guess

Bag: Chanel boy


On a casual sunday, i have no idea what to wear and too lazy to choose my attire to match it all up. So i choose what is on the hanging rack and wear it. Its that instant =)

Dress: Giordano

Bag: Christian Dior


Lastly i love jacket with a hood! With my Mickey mouse jacket and with my favourite color Grey! =)

Which is your favourite style?



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