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Hello lovelies,

How are you? Its the weekends! I’m sure your doing fine…. I love weekends…. as it is the only time i can pamper myself with all the beauty regime by Dior.

essence D.jpg

Check…. check… check it out the new toner or should i call it essence? by Dior. The white bottle is call ‘Dior Snow Lotion White Reveal’. This is what i usually use. Recently they launch a new lotion which call essence.

Confusing right? They keep on changing names…. for your information lotion,toner and essence are all the same meaning. You just need to remember it is the number two step in using skincare, right after cleanser, got it?

On the left is the new ‘Dior Snow Essence of Light’. Somehow i am more comfortable with the older version toner? but hey maybe I’m too comfortable with the previous toner.

Here is the difference:

Dior Snow Essence of Light

  • You have to use more of it as it dry up fast
  • The effect of moisturising your skin is better
  • Packaging is nicer

Dior Snow Lotion White Reveal

  • The amount you put on the cotton wool  is lesser compare with ‘Dior Snow Essence of Light’.
  • It is more of a water base, the cotton wool will still be wet after you spread it on your skin
  • Some how you feel it spread evenly…..maybe because it is more watery

pink dior.jpg

Pink love by Dior

The miniature perfume by Miss Dior is adorable. Look at those packaging with gold ribbon… its just irresistible.

dior lips.jpg

What is beauty regime? Basically things that you need to take care of your skin. That…. is also including your lips where people often forget….

Introducing Lip maximiser or i call it as spreading nutrients to your lips hehe… On top of it apply lip glow which is the creamy texture. It makes your lip glow and much more hydrated.

The primer by Dior

  • ‘Dior Fix it’ in Apricot and number 200
  • Can be use for face,eyes and lips
  • To cover your dark spots
  • ‘Dior Fix it’ in blue and number 100
  • Can be use for face,eyes and lips
  • To brighten your skin

The texture is ver smooth and easy breezy to apply  =)

Thank you DIOR!

Which of the Dior product caught your eyes the most?

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Best way to remove make up

Hello ladies! how are you? what did you do during your weekends?

These are my top 4 pick for removing make up! What is a make up remover? it is the first step and the most important step in removing our make up. Make up remover is being use to remove all the thick make up on our face. Following a cleanser, it is the final step to clean and to get rid off the little balance of make up on our face.



This make up remover is an oil base and suitable for dry to sensitive skin. Think about it we have a dry skin and due to heavy make up sometimes we can feel the dryness and tingly feeling on our skin. Due to that we need a very good make up remover that gives moisture to our skin so…by using a liquid make up remover it allows you to feel fresh and moisture.


Bobbie Brown eye make up remover

If you are looking for non water proof eye make up remover then this is it! it is more of a watery eye remover base. Eyes are sensitive area, So while you wipe it on your eyes make sure not to press it too hard. Another tips is instead of removing eye make up from inside out try to do from out to inside. If you notice your eye lines is from inside out and every time and every day you kept doing the same thing which is pulling your skin. It tend to deepen your eye lines… then do opposite!


Chanel Lait confort 

This Chanel lait confort is for normal to combination skin. Its creamy in white like a lotion. The best part is it can be as an eye remover and face remover. How awesome is that?


If you have any doubts or need to ask more? drop a comment and i will be glad to reply

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Wanna be fair as snow white?

Hello my ladies…. How are you feeling today?

Before i jump straight into the skincare that gives whitening affect, hold up your horses! take a look at this make up babies…

make up

What do we have here?

  1. Diorsnow bloom perfect moist cushion 50spf
  2. Dior addict fluid stick tiny pink 269
  3. Dior addict fluid stick vie denfer 869
  4. Rouge dior brilliant swan 263
  5. Diorskin forever compact 25spf

I’m in love with the lip gloss or should i say sticky lip gloss because of its texture and  it really suits my skin tone. I was hesitate to try the dior cushion as i am not used to the texture of it. But this sales girl really know her stuff and wouldn’t give up promoting it. By insisting me to try on my face.

Before she put on the Dior cushion on my face she put the Dior snow moisturiser and instantly my face lit up! i was amazeball….. Can you imagine? from a gloomy face to brighten up and refreshing look.


  1. White reveal moisturising lotion Diorsnow (toner)
  2. Fresh creme global transparency Dior snow (night moisturiser)
  3. Bloom perfect Dior snow 35spf (day moisturiser)
  4. Bloom perfect Dior snow (cushion powder)

I have fobia in using whitening skincare due to my mother past experience.Over the years Dior has been improvising their skincare range. It even surpass Chanel skincare! which i was amaze and ecstatic.

The new Dior whitening skincare beats all of the other brands. Hands down….

Last time there was this local brand which does whitening by peeling off your skin layer. Yes your wish come true you became fairer but only your face. Get what i mean? its like two tone. Your skin on your face peel off too much until its fairer than your neck and body. How scary is that?

Thank god for technologies Dior has come out a new way which does not feel any of those affect instead the total opposite…. I highly recommend you girls to try it and grab it!

A little tips once you use the Bloom perfect Dior snow moisturiser the next step is a MUST to use Bloom perfect Dior snow cushion powder. This two complement each other and can’t go without each other. You will see and feel the result instantly! believe me…

What is your favourite skincare?

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