Hello! How are you?

Weekends are here and its the best week for every girls to get up with their A GAME in dressing up for the weekends. Well…. usually… it is the only time where girls can dress up and flaunt it. Fashion weekends for this week is styling with a variety of lace blouse because… LACES are in!


Blouse: amyris.asia

Bag: Chanel

Pants: Giordano

Heels: Nine West

brown bubble

Yes that is a real bubble. How fantastic it is that it doesn’t even spill on the floor? Looks like an experiment cylinder, its really cool and i want to bring it back please!


purple kebaya.jpg

I’m in love! the rich violet colour of the lace matches smoothly with the violet silk pareo.

Blouse: amyris.asia

Pareo: amyris.asia

Heels: Nine West

pink kebaya

I couldn’t resist taking photos with those humongous polka dot ballon.

Blouse: amyris.asia

Hand Drawn Pareo: bedazzled_official

khaki with pants

Khaki green and beige… these two combinations are my favourite.

Blouse: amyris.asia

Pants: zara

Heels: Nine West


Which colour of the lace blouse you like the most?

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