La laguna-Bali

Hi how how are you? Its been a never ending adventure in Bali. A Spanish restaurant by La Laguna with a unique theme.

pink house.jpg

Upon arrival they ask if i had made reservation? As i arrive on peek hours. Luckily it was not full so they let me pass through. There is a long stretch of pavement and as i walk by  there was a few mini houses.

purple house

green house


I think i got the best spot because the other spot is either too open or too bright by the shine of the sunlight.

natural tree art

I was astonished with the ceiling that is made out of a tree! How cool is that?

the garden

Open space chilling spot!

lasicila architecture.jpg


sunset place.jpg

I really like this place as the owner decorated perfectly. There is a lot of details that the owner add on. You tend to overlook as it seems chill and nice… but if you observe carefully all those little details makes the place perfect.

sunset spot.jpg

This was another entrance from the beach.


Which mini houses is your favourite?

La Laguna Restaurant

Wanna see more beautiful photos of this place? lets go to myrissz




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