Abundance of food in Asia

Hye! how are you lovelies? doing fine? I…. however is doing great!

Have you ever been to Malaysia or Singapore? For all of you food lovers its heaven here! Come and join me…



Der Backmeister

A German bakery that is to die for…. Here I am trying their Bruschetta. The 1st time I am trying such a unique Bruschetta. The other food that I would like to recommend is the rendang burger. Sounds weird? never judge a book by its cover because its delicious.

Curious enough? well just check out the list if menu below on the link

Der Backmeister (menu)


Dae Na Moo

So far…. this is the best place i can get to eat ttbokki. Literally its not too spicy or sweet and the texture of it is perfect.To those who is crazy over ttbokki, you gotta try this place.

Nae Da Moo (Korean)


Living Room

Its new on the menu! Hooray…! Whats the name again? I have forgotten… well I do remember eating a creamy salmon, fresh mushrooms and mouth watering mash potatoes. The cute burgers is Living Room trademark. Their offer a great ambience just to chill and relax while drinking coffees. I almost forgot! They offer a wide….. selection of coffees. Be ready to pop out ur eyes!

Can you see those cute gold bamboo phone case? Be sure to check it out at Bedazzled_official

Living Room



Here we are at a beautiful view in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Though… I don’t feel too hungry, I just wanna munch something. A salmon… and chee…se bruschetta. So fresh and yummy…. Okay! Marina Bay Sands is huge…. I will share with you the link so you can get the exact location.

Barzin (MBS)


Home Cook

Its too pretty… i love home cook their the best….

Matchy matchy coaster with the table top… get it at Bedazzled_official

Best part? they ship it worldwide!


Beef Wellington

Argh…. I am drooling… I think I might go Marina Bay Sands soon.  Where is the restaurant? I’m not going to tell you that easily…. but I will give you a hint.. It is on the same floor as Berzin.

The food hunt is on!

Among all these food, which one you want to try it the most?

Wanna see more cool stuff?

Check out myrissz



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