Best way to remove make up

Hello ladies! how are you? what did you do during your weekends?

These are my top 4 pick for removing make up.What is a make up remover? it is the crucial and most important step! If you don’t remove your make up throughly you will be inviting those pimple to appear… yucks.

First step:Make up remover is being use to remove all the thick make up on our face.

Second step: Cleanse your face baby….



This make up remover is an oil base and suitable for dry to sensitive skin. Think about it if we have a dry skin and due to heavy make up sometimes we can feel the dryness and tingly feeling on our skin. Due to that we need a very good make up remover that gives moisture to our skin so…by using a liquid make up remover it allows you to feel fresh and moisture.


Bobbie Brown eye make up remover

If you are looking for non water proof eye make up remover then this is it! it is more of a watery eye remover base. Eyes are sensitive area, So while you wipe it on your eyes make sure not to press it too hard. Another tips is instead of removing eye make up from inside out try to do from out to inside. If you notice your eye lines is from inside out and every time and every day you kept doing the same thing which is pulling your skin. It tend to deepen your eye lines… then do opposite!


Chanel Lait confort 

This Chanel lait confort is for normal to combination skin. Its creamy in white like a lotion. The best part is it can be as an eye remover and face remover. Two in one save so much time.


If you have any doubts or need to ask more? drop a comment and i would love to offer you lovelies my assistance.

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