Malaysia Food Culture

Good morning peeps! It is food culture day! hooray! I’m excited to introduce you Malaysian traditional food.

I had the opportunity to attend my brother school event as they were celebrating cultural day.

fried mee hoon

How should i describe it? Its a thin noodle that could be added with chicken or fish or prawn or all of them. Fried it together and put on top with an omelette egg. Obviously the egg cook separately and just slice it thinly so it can be put on top of the mee hoon.

Want to try to cook it?

Malaysia fried mee hoon

ketupat and rendag ayam

This is the Malay traditional food which is call ‘ketupat and rendang’. Hari Raya is a festive season for all the Malays in Malaysia. It is celebrated after the fasting month. Hari Raya can be also known as ‘Eid Mubarak”.

What is ketupat?

It looks like a dumpling but it is made of rice which is packed inside of a palm leaf. The only way to do this is solely by hand or should i call it handmade? One person can produce this ketupat in hundreds. There is two types of rendang which is chicken rendang or beef rendang. Its really yummy.

Wanna see the recipe?

Chicken rendang


On your left: Roti perata or roti canai

On your right: Fried banana or banana fritters

How do you make this?

Well for the roti perata i will just go to the mamak shop and purchase it. It comes in a set of the roti perata and dall (gravy). As for the fried banana it also serve with the black ketchup. It is more of a dessert…..

otak otak.jpg

On your left: Otak Otak

On your right: Chicken in a bag

What is otak otak?

It is made of fish meat and mix together with tapioca starch and spices. It is wrap with banana leaf and can be eaten by itself or with rice. What more can i say about the chicken in the bag?


Chicken satay

Chicken poke by a stick and grilled it =p

Wanna try the recipe? you’ll be surprise…

chicken satay


Dessert Dessert Dessert!

This is ain’t your ordinary desserts, it is Malaysia traditional desserts.

What is the green round balls?

It is call ‘ondeh ondeh’. Just fill it in your mouth and when you crunch it you will feel a liquid burst which taste sweet like sugar because at the centre of it is palm sugar. It is cook by glutinous rice ball in a boiling water.

Ondeh Ondeh recipe

What is the three tier dessert on the right?

It is kuih lopes and it looks like a dumpling with shredded coconut on top

kuih lopes recipe

What is the green cube on the far left?

It is call kuih sri muka and for more details check the link

Kuih Seri Muka recipe

I hope you enjoy all the Malaysian traditional food. There is still much more i have not shared but until the next time!

Which of the traditional food caught your eye?

Wanna see more photos? its at myrissz



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