Food Hunter-Kuala Lumpur

Hello how are you?

Today i would like to share some of the food choices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Especially for the tourist who is having a short stay and do not know where to eat. So where do we go and eat? Usually… is the shopping malls. Easy access right?

I’ll kick of and start with this locals food in KLCC Twin Tower Food court


Clay pot noodles with chicken and mushroom add on top with fresh cabbage

Malaysian speciality is nasi lemak! but here we have a bit of twist of vegetarian nasi lemak


This restaurant is call ‘ALEXIS’ which is located at Gardens Mall

  1. Carbonara beef pasta
  2. Creamy ravioli
  3. Beef lasagna


Whats for dinner?

This restaurant has a unique name which is call  ‘Apartment’ located at KLCC Twin Tower

Green mac and cheese

Chicken in the bag

It has a really nice ambience and great food!

Which of the food are you attracted too?

Do you want to see more photos?

Lets go to myrissz



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