Wanna be fair as snow white?

Hello my ladies…. How are you feeling today?

Before i jump straight into the skincare that gives whitening affect, hold up your horses! take a look at this make up babies…

make up

What do we have here?

  1. Diorsnow bloom perfect moist cushion 50spf
  2. Dior addict fluid stick tiny pink 269
  3. Dior addict fluid stick vie denfer 869
  4. Rouge dior brilliant swan 263
  5. Diorskin forever compact 25spf

I’m in love with the lip gloss or should i say sticky lip gloss because of its texture and  it really suits my skin tone. I was hesitate to try the dior cushion as i am not used to the texture of it. But this sales girl really know her stuff and wouldn’t give up promoting it. By insisting me to try on my face.

Before she put on the Dior cushion on my face she put the Dior snow moisturiser and instantly my face lit up! i was amazeball….. Can you imagine? from a gloomy face to brighten up and refreshing look.


  1. White reveal moisturising lotion Diorsnow (toner)
  2. Fresh creme global transparency Dior snow (night moisturiser)
  3. Bloom perfect Dior snow 35spf (day moisturiser)
  4. Bloom perfect Dior snow (cushion powder)

I have fobia in using whitening skincare due to my mother past experience.Over the years Dior has been improvising their skincare range. It even surpass Chanel skincare! which i was amaze and ecstatic.

The new Dior whitening skincare beats all of the other brands. Hands down….

Last time there was this local brand which does whitening by peeling off your skin layer. Yes your wish come true you became fairer but only your face. Get what i mean? its like two tone. Your skin on your face peel off too much until its fairer than your neck and body. How scary is that?

Thank god for technologies Dior has come out a new way which does not feel any of those affect instead the total opposite…. I highly recommend you girls to try it and grab it!

A little tips once you use the Bloom perfect Dior snow moisturiser the next step is a MUST to use Bloom perfect Dior snow cushion powder. This two complement each other and can’t go without each other. You will see and feel the result instantly! believe me…

What is your favourite skincare?

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