Malaysia offers a variety of food

Hello peeps! how are you all doing? I am proud to share with you the Malaysian cuisine. One of it that i will be sharing with you are some of the famous malay dishes.


The centre get the most attraction! it is call ‘ketupat’. What is ketupat? The exterior diamond shape is made of palm leaf and the interior is like a dumpling rice. If you can see at the end of the photo there is a yellowish gravy its call ‘lontong’. Actually more like a vegetable soup that can be eaten with the ketupat.

prawn sambal.jpg

The ketupat can be eaten dry as well with other dishes.

From top left chicken rendang (not spicy), sambal prawn (very spicy)

Bottom left is chicken curry, sambal goreng (mixture of chillies,lemongrass,prawn,long beans,fermented soya beans,onions,garlic)

ayam kari.jpg

Zoom in to those striking colours of food!


Can you see here right at the bottom is the biggest dish? Its my favourite which call as jemput jemput. Basically it is just a fried flour with onions, chillies and anchovies. Can feel the crunchiness right now. yummy….

Which of these food caught your eye the most?



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