Singapore-Indonesia-Malaysia Triangle

Travel to this 3 countries on BUDGET!

Your in the mood taking photos of tremendous  architecture, an appetising meal, splurging all you can…. Hold up…your on budget! Not to worry i have a terrific idea for you and cost efficient. Not only you will be able to save time but method of transport is reasonable and fun!



Every tourist would want to visit  Marina Bay Sands because of its huge rooftop pool and the unique architecture.


As you can see a  whole ship on top of 3 buildings, how magnificent is that?


It was a captivating experience and i feel so lucky to have experience it with my family.


While were at Marina Bay Sands why not we grab a bite at Coffee Bean Bistro.

masjid copy

This is why they call it ‘Masjid Sultan’ or ‘The King Mosque’. This masjid has been here for over 100 years and it still looks good. WOW! if you see the masjid your absolutely in the correct place there’s restaurants everywhere.

Having a fiesta with my family eating Arab food. There’s lamb,chicken,mutton and a variety of rice favour. Yum yum…… This restaurant is just in front of the Masjid Sultan and its call ‘MEDITERRANEAN&MIDDLE EASTERN CUISINE’ . 

how to go Batam from singapore

Click on the above link on how to visit Batam Island. The ticket per person would be around $25 Singapore dollars.The duration will be 1 hour by ferry. In addition, that link will give much detail information on Batam Island.



Indonesia, Batam Island

Yeppy! were going to the beach…..were going to the beach…… I highly recommend you to go Nongsa point-Turi beach resort! yahoo.

Click the link below to check the hotel rate:

booking hotel by agoda

Before all of you get too  excited please fill up ur stomach with some food first because your going to be hungry in the car ride which will take you about 45minutes to reach there. This hotel is located on other end of the island. Its a bit far but its worth it!





Now you know what was i staring at….. green peace view…. yes…. beautiful….


A girl gotta eat! lets see what we have here… white rice, grill beed, omelette, spicy red prawn,fried chicken and nuts! so you go nuts over it hehe


Shine bright through the sky. Oh goodie there’s a bridge! While walking on the bridge to the other end it felt really good by the sea breeze and your hair is flying here an there. It is just a peaceful and wonderful feeling.



Malaysia, Johor Bahru


How to visit Malaysia?

You can make your inquiry regarding visiting Johor at the same ferry terminal.

Johor Bahru is a state located on the southern Malaysia and for those who loves food this is a must try country for you to visit. Beside a huge shopping haven they are offering

Johor Premium Outlet


Main entrance of JPO



I had always have soft spot for  Ferragamo,Burberry,Cotton on,Guess and Diane von Fursternberg. The best part? Johor Premium Outlet offers more than just this brands.

A tip: please do not book any hotel nearby JPO its quite out of the way.

Check the link below for more details of the brands they are offering

More information about JPO

Its time to fill up that belly at a place call ‘JALAN DHOBY‘. There’s too many food to share! I will save for future post! so you will be more intrigue in reading my future post hehe.

The best chicken chop at ‘JALAN DHOBY‘.


If it ain’t good i will not post it. This is not! its the opposite! delicious!


Peace ya’ll!



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